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    3d sketch, loft

    Samson Genet

      Hi there,


      I just started with 3d sketches. I use one 3d skecht profile and one regular sketch profile. My guide line is a 3 sketch too. Could someone tell me what this loft error means and what I do wrong?



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          Glenn Schroeder

          From the error message you're getting I assume you have "Merge result" selected in the Options section.  De-select that and then it should work.  You should be able to then use the "Combine" feature to combine bodies if needed.


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            Mike Price

            Hi Samson,


            You error is just like it says in that it cannot merge the body.  Question is why..


            Are you trying to create a solid body or a surface?  You are in the Lofted Boss/Base feature, but I can't tell in your picture if your sketches are just lines or not.  If so, and you want to create a Lofted Boss/Base, you will need to check the "Thin Feature" box.


            Before we get into why it won't merge, please answer the above question, but sometimes, you can unclick the merge feature button and then do a combine feature after the fact.  Don't know why, but don't care as long as it works......

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                Mike Price



                I don't know why it won't loft with 3DSketch10, but you don't need to use 3DSketch10 as you have a face that you can use instead of that 3d sketch




                That feature merges fine with your other geometry.  I will try to see why it won't go with the 3D sketch if I have more time, but in the end, you are able to get your loft this way.....



                So I tried a bunch of different things and could never get the loft to take.  However, it does a surface loft no problem........


                Again, I personally don't know why, but maybe someone else does.


                Let's say, you had to make this 3dSketch10 work for whatever reason.  Because it will create a surface, you could then cap your surfaces off, thicken that surface body to a solid body, and then merge.  That is a work around.


                You could also make sure you had a face to use through split lines however and that way you would be using solid geometry faces rather than sketches.