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    when i click a note appears

    Ryan Helling

      When I am in an assembly, sometimes (quite often) when I click places a note appears. See attached spreadsheet. It happens when I click in open space or when I am trying to select an individual part. It keeps creating notes when I click until I rebuild the document, at which point sometimes this process starts all over. I cant figure it out, any insight would be EXTREMELY appreciated.

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          Ryan Helling

          If anyone happens to come across this same issue, i figured out what the problem was. When you are in an assembly, in the toolbar if you go to the View tab, I had the "Hide All Types" option checked. This was not allowing me to see the "Top/Component Level Annotations", however it was still letting me click them and have them appear for editing if I happened to click in a location that they were. This is why they showed up randomly whether I clicked in the model or in free space, and why they were different depending on where I clicked (different annotations for different parts). I unchecked the "Hide All Types" option and then also unchecked the "Top/Component Level Annotations", this seemed to fix the problem. Not sure why solidworks allows you to click the annotations you cannot see...