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Error handler not working

Question asked by Willie Roelofs on Jun 10, 2015
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I've written a function below to check if a file is allready open or not.


Function IsWorkBookOpen(FileName As String) As Boolean


  Dim Ret


  Dim ff As Long

  ErrNo As Long


  ff = FreeFile()

  On Error Resume Next

  Open FileName For Input Lock Read As #ff

  Close ff

  ErrNo = Err

  On Error GoTo 0


  Exit Function



'Error handler'


  If Err.Number = 0 Then

  IsWorkBookOpen = False

  ElseIf Err.Number = 70 Then

  IsWorkBookOpen = True

  End If


  End Function


If it's open I get error number 70 if it's not I get error 0.

When I run the code and I get to [Open FileName For Input Lock Read As #ff] VBA stops the macro to tell me I have error number 70.


What am I doing wrong?



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