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Can anyone explain why SW is putting an incorrect dimension on this drawing? (view taken normal to created plane)

Question asked by Dave Krum on Jun 10, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2015 by Glenn Schroeder

Hello All,

I am unclear why a pipe length dimension is being shown incorrectly on a drawing I'm making for the shop.  This pipe was developed by sketching a 3d line and then I used structural member to make the profile.  Its skewed in 2 directions so I had to make a plane normal to the pipe in order to show it properly on my drawing.  The weird thing is that one dimension is shown correct while the overall out-to-out is being shown about an inch shorter than it should be.  I couldn't pick the outermost tips of the pipe to get a horizontal dimension since the view had to be rotated to show horizontal on drawing.  Maybe this is why something is screwed up.  I had to sketch in a vertical line at right to line up endpoint with left end point.  The top dimension is correct as well as the end distances, but the overall is wrong.  See below.  Thanks in advance.  I'm also including both the part and the drawing files.