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    Placing "LID" in the model.

    robi roy
          I am trying to simulate simple fluid flowthrough pipe. so I model a pipe using solidworks. But when I openit in Flow work , a 3-D Cubical volume is considered forcomputational domain. I have chosen the "internal" optionbut still not able to get rid of the outside volume. Automatic meshis created for the whole cubical volume.
      I would appreciate any kind of help.

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          Are you still there, Lids are just parts that are drawn on all openings , half in, half out.
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            Reid Hayashi
            I also intially was quite confused about lids. I was also annoyed that none of the "online" documentation/help did not fully explain lids. What you need to do is create a part "lid" that will be able to close off (without gaps) the openings of your pipe. For example if your pipe is 3 inches in diameter, create a lid that has a diameter of 3inches also. then create an assembly with the lids closing off the pipe openings. Hope this helps.
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              David O'Lone
              I'm having some trouble with lids too...I am getting an error when I try to set the boundary conditions: "Face <1>@InletOutlet-1 is not laying on the boundary between solid and fluid region."
              Is this because my lids are assembled to the test part incorrectly or because my test components have not been defined correctly??

              Thanks in advance!
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                  First off, are you clicking on the inside faces? Also, go to floworks, tools, Check Geometry. Run the check, it should give you a fluid volume greater than 0. If it is zero than chances are that your lids are drawn wrong or you are missing something.

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                      Leith Simpson
                      Yeah I had the same error but thanks for the tip found out my solid volume was zero now I just have to work out why that is. Will let everyone know when I do else someone could sugest a reason.

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                          Leith Simpson
                          Ok I think I solved the problem I don't know why it gave the error it did but what solved it was removing the sub assembly. Maybe it was the model geometry that caused the problem i.e. small voids or not correctly meshing parts or maybe FloWorks 07 just can't handle sub assemblies I don't know but it was one or the other.