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    PDM API's or Database structures??

    Ross McEllhiney
      The Written documentation I can find is basically non existent. Iam looking for any self help tools or manuals that are available,ie. Database structures, definitions of the stored procedures, anyAPI's that exist, user manuals, help files?? Anything.
        • PDM API's or Database structures??
          Tom Hayward
          There is a PDMWE Programmer's Reference Guide (compiled HTML format) that's typically located in " C:\Program Files\PDMWorks Enterprise\Support\API\API_GB.chm". It provides a brief description of each API function along with a some sample code snippets for some of them. (If you're using .NET as your development environment, be sure to read the related notes contained in the programmer's reference guide.) This might be enough to get you started, although I too would certainly appreciate some more comprehensive coding examples as well as documentation on the PDMWE database schema.