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How do you model a fixture which a part can slide in and out of?

Question asked by Harry Li on Jun 9, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2015 by Jamil Snead

Hello, I am trying to model a fixture in which the two pieces for a hinged part (something like this, but hollow: )is going to be held and the pin pressed in.  Ideally, pieces can be slid into the fixture and then removed again.  The pieces have many drafts and curves in all directions so I cannot easily just extrude cut out of a block.  I have looked into using indents and cavity, but due to the features on the part, there is a lot of filled 'block' material that I cannot easily get rid of.  Is there an easier solution, or some feature of solidworks that facilitates this?  Would making a 3D sketch then lofting be the best solution?  Thanks.