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Need help with BOM and cut lists

Question asked by Noah Thomlison on Jun 8, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2015 by Noah Thomlison

Hello everyone, I am new to these forums so please bear with me. I am a summer intern for a company and am running into issues with solid works that i have not encoutered at school before and there is no engineer here to ask for assistance. Recently I was required to remake some drawings that the company has from paper to solidworks. I did the modelling how i usually do but once i showed the engineer that was here he said something weldments and cutlists and such. I did not encounter cutlists in school and am curious what the difference between a cutlist and a standard BOM is. Also why would I use weldments for simple parts? I have used them for structural components but not for parts such as hydralic cylinders or complex geometry. Thankks for the help