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Can anyone tell me why I can't get this wrap to work?

Question asked by James Dalessandro on Jun 8, 2015
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Hi all. I am just simply trying to get this sketch to wrap around the surface extrusion I have created. I need it to have the lower end of the sketch on the surface face closest to me, and wrap around it from there, so that it rises and turns around the bend and up the other face. This is for a stair handrail. However, when I have tried to create this wrap, it will only "wrap" the sketch from the bottom right corner to the end of the horizontal portion before the style spline. it looks like this, midway through the wrap:tryingtowrap2.png

and this is what I get when the wrap is completed.


I turned hidden lines on so you can see better. It only "wraps" (if you could call it that) the lower portion of the sketch I am trying to wrap around these surfaces. what gives? The end result I am trying to achieve is a line along the surfaces that I can then trim the surfaces using.