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Problem with exporting to pdf and import to CorelDraw Grphics Suite X6

Question asked by Peter Cohen on Jun 7, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2015 by Anna Wood

Hello, the laser cutter I use only accepts pdf file. Usually I make the drawing in Adobe Illustrator and export to pdf. Then, import the pdf file to CorelDraw Graphics Suite X6, change the line width to hairline and the machine laser cuts the lines and the holes. How can I do it if I make the drawing in SolidWorks 2014-15? I exported my 2D drawing to pdf but when I imported to the file to CorelDraw Graphics Suite X6, first I got a message saying that the fonts I use are not available (not important here). Then, it imported the pdf (drawing + words like Student version) as an object. I cannot select individual objects like lines, squares, circles to change the line width. Also, the imported stuff looked smaller.