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How to duplicate a toolbox standard???

Question asked by Aaron Torberg on Jun 8, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2015 by Aaron Torberg

We use the DIN  standard for our hardware, and this standard covers multiple materials and finishes for the hardware.  We have unique part numbers for stainless hardware and blue zinc coated hardware so we needed a unique set of parts (toolbox is set to create new parts each time a new fastener is used).  Within the toolbox manager I copied the DIN standard that I wanted to re-produce to a new folder, and I pointed the new standard to a renamed copy of the seed model thinking this would assign the models unique part numbers, however if I grab a fastener from my new stainless folder and place it in the model with a fastener equal in size from the blue zinc folder the get combined on the BOM???  The feature tree even shows them as the same part in the assembly.  How can I generate unique parts from my new folder, where is the file name being controlled?