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Force on bolt under tension

Question asked by Oshri Nitzan on Jun 8, 2015
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I am
having a problem with the result I am getting on the solid works simulation

I made some study to calculate the force acting on bolt in addition to see if this
bolt will be in the yield zone in my study case

So I took 2 plates will 11 mm hole and put a bolt connector M10 with nut


I preload the bolt with 19.7 N*m and the axial force I got with the pin/bolt check was
just like calculation I made on paper: 9850N. This was the good part2.JPG


  Next thing I did was to put external force on the bolt witout any preload/
the force on the bolt was 1524N


  WhenI add an external load that to the bolt I thought that I should see that the
total force on the bolt will be:The preload force + the external force= 9850+1524=11374N

But the program show me something else: 10148N



that somebody can explain me why?


Oshri nitzan