Mike Childs

Use Split Balloons With Different Quantities For Same Item

Discussion created by Mike Childs on Jun 29, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2013 by Frank Hewes
We have an assembly that uses multiple identical configurations ofa part in two different locations. We would like to show a splitballoon, in both locations, with the split balloon showing thequantity of the part in each respective location and not the totalquantity, i.e. location one would display the item number with aquantity of 4 and location two would display the same item numberwith a quantity of 2.

We could manually set the split balloon to display plain textinstead of quantity but the total quantity can change, potentiallycausing errors in the drawing if the designer doesn't catch it.

We thought about creating two different configurations in theassembled part but it then shows up as two items in the BOM insteadof one item (which is preferred).

Any suggestions?