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Question asked by Vincenzo Ccc on Jun 6, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2015 by Vincenzo Ccc

hi, everyone.

i'm new in the solidworks-world.
Because I've a bachelor in mechanical engineering and i'm to start the master from september, i'd like to spend this 2-3 months studying SOLIDWORKS and traying to obtain, if possible, CSWA and CSWP certifications.

I tried somewhere to look for answering to my questions, but unsuccesfully.

There are some questions i want you all to answer:

1. Do I need to buy a solidworks-software in order to pass an exam?

2. When I buy an exam, do I download any kind of software in which conduct the exam? (I mean, the exam takes place in this downloaded-software or inside the solidworks-software?)

3. Which version of SW do you recommend?

4. Do you suggest to follow any courses for studying Solidworks?

5. How many time do you think it'll take to study and pass both exams?


I will appreciate any answers!! Thank you all!!!