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How to extract the profile of a section line with arc offsets?

Question asked by Sergey Aleksin on Jun 6, 2015
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There are two drawing views where the second one is a section view of the first one.

The section line contains not only straight segments, but also arc offsets.


The question is: How can I extract the section line profile?


The following approaches were tried without success:

  1. Usage of GetSectionLineInfo2 method (IView). The method is not suitable because its output array contains only start and end points for each segment not specifying whether the segment is a line or an arc.
  2. Usage of GetLineInfo method (IDrSection). There is the same problem in this case.
  3. Converting the section line to sketch and then usage of the GetArcs2 and GetLines2 methods (ISketch). The problem is that SolidWorks API seems to miss functionality for such conversion available in UI. Macro recorder tool was tried, but it does not generate any code for this step.
  4. Exporting the drawing in DXF format and then analyzing the output file. The problem is that all arc segments are replaced with line segments.


I am very grateful for any suggestions