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Question asked by Rob Haman on Jun 6, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2015 by Rob Haman

I am attempting to save a model that probably should have been created as a weldment, without having to start over. What I have in the attached image is a structural member (round tube) that was quickly created in a weldment to get the copes and then saved as a part. My hope is that I can then insert it into my assembly in the proper position.


I need to cut the sharp points off to represent how our fabricators will actually make the tube. Unfortunately, because this part was created at an angle to the weldment planes, it isn't aligned to the system coordinates of the part file. Simply put, I need a plane through the axis, and perpendicular to the two points so I can do an extruded cut.


Clearly I need to continue my self-training to become more comfortable with weldments and 3D sketching to avoid this in the future, but for now...Plane Creation.png