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Move in-context relations from a subassembly to an upper assembly?

Question asked by Jamil Snead on Jun 5, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2015 by Mike Price

I am building an assembly and one of the parts has in-context relations in a subassembly. This is all working great, and now I have that subassembly in an upper assembly and I realized I need to add a new in-context relation from the main assembly to the part. I want to avoid having relations to multiple assemblies, so is there a way to transfer all of the relations that were built in context of the subassembly over to the main assembly? All of the parts that were related to are still present in the main assembly. After all, the subassembly exists in the main assembly.


I know I can break all of the old relations and then form new ones in the main assembly but obviously I'd rather not. Thanks in advance.