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ePDM files entering the wrong workflow and state

Question asked by Justin Cole on Jun 5, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2015 by Justin Cole

I noticed last week when attempting to transition a .slddrw file to the next state in the workflow that the file had entered into a workflow intended for another type of file/document.  After investigating it appears that some new files created after a certain date (sldprt, slddrw, pdf, dxf, dwg) are entering into this workflow as well. The system history does not show any changes to either workflow (or any workflow) coinciding with this time frame.  The files do not meet the conditions of the workflow that they are entering into, the only condition for this workflow is a folder location and none of the files are in that folder (the files are in various other folders.)


Files created by another user are entering into the correct workflow and state.


Some serial numbers also seem to have (maybe) been skipped.  The serial number history also does not show any changes.


It seems like it could be an issue with my User settings or permissions, I haven't been able to figure out what though.


Knowing why this is happening would be interesting and probably helpful, but more important is to get the files into the correct workflow.


How can I move files from one workflow into another workflow?