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Exporting forming tools profile and location to DXF on a different layer

Question asked by Alessandro Tornincasa on Jun 5, 2015


I have a question about exporting forming toolsto DXF on a different layer.

Amada CAM machines have a requirement for the DXF files: forming tools locations and profile sketches should be put on a separate layer.

This way the machine can automatically select the right punch tool by recognizing the profile sketch and location point.


I've been looking for an automated procedure to accomplish this but I haven't been successful.

A sample part is in attach.

This is the part:


There's an emboss which has been patterned with a sketch pattern. I don't need the real emboss shape on the DXF but just a shematic symbol. The forming tool profile sketch is ok as a symbol to use.

SOLIDWORKS 2015 has a nice option that allows you to hide forming tool real shape and show just the forming tool profile and locaton point:



It works but it doesn't show patterned forming tools (that's expected):



What is not expected is that exported DXF doesn't show those skecthes.

I usually export sheet metal with these options:



Then I set this layer mapping:



This is the result: forming tools sketches are missing:



I've found a workaround: create a sketch after the flat pattern, and then use convert entities to project forming tool and pattern location points and profiles:



Since the sketch is located after the flat pattern, when exporting to DXF you can see it on the flat pattern:



This process is sometimes very time consuming.


Are there any better startegies to overcome this limitation ?