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API for Geometric Tolerances

Question asked by Joshua Zastrow on Jun 5, 2015
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  1. Hi all,


So I'm writing/building off a program that exports dimensions from a drawing to an excel based inspection sheet (read: formatted list of dimensions). The program loops through annotations, and if it is a dimension, it exports the dimension (plus numerous other sub programs to identify dimension type, tolerance type, formatting for specific tolerancing et etc…) However, to my knowledge there is no way to identify geometric tolerances. I attach geometric tolerances to features or dimensions in the drawing, and would like them to be exported right after the dimension of that feature, but I have no way of identifying them or exporting them in my program. Excel has a font called “SWGDT” which writes in Geometric tolerances, but I need Solidworks to meet Excel halfway. Anyone have a way to help me out on thi? Without it, my program is incomplete and can only go as far as being a slightly handy tool in my own program tool kit and not a robust program that I need it to be for my company.