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Evaluating draft on circular rotational faces

Question asked by Alex Henry on Jun 5, 2015

Hi All,


I thought I could work this out but I am at a loss. I work with motorbike tires and having draft perpendicular to the carcass or balloon is essential for strength and mold release. The image below shows a very simplified example of a portion of a tire where I have used the draft analysis tool to check/determine the draft. To create draft in the first place I use parting-line draft which again works to a plane. The treads on the ires I do are far more complex - no even edges or surfaces.


Currently I am doing this all manually with the modelling of the tread blocks, using several planes to get as close to perpendicular as possible and also modelling the with draft in geometry but as the draft faces move away from that perpendicular plane, the accuracy and draft are reduced.


Although powerful, the evaluation information unfortunately does not help me in my case. referring to the second image: Even if I use the symmetry (Right) plane all of my analysis related to the mold relief.


Has anyone encountered this and have a viable work around. Or am I missing something? Thanks in advance.

Motorbike tyre.PNG



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