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my studies have been running twice

Question asked by Scott Booth on Jun 4, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2016 by Scott Booth

Hi All, Lately my studies have been running twice. It gets to 100% complete and then starts again. I have tried opening the OUT file once its started and it might say 10.00. At say 10.31 I noticed the run time now says 1 min. Open OUT file and it says start time 10.30. When study finishes Solver Messages says run time was 30 mins not 1 hour. This is for a linear static study, no p or h adaptive (which annoyingly also only gives run time for last run, not all 5). I saw someone a year ago post a similar question (his individual tasks seemed to be repeating, not his whole study) but his query was not answered. Anyone else had this? Like Peter MacDonald these assemblies are copies of previous, but I havent had problems with this before 2015. VAR has not been able to help. Upgrading to SP3.0 and completely reinstalling SW also didnt help. Restarting model might help but shouldnt have to. Thanks, Scott.