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Problem with feature recognition (Drafts)- DIN41612 Connector..... HELP !!!

Question asked by Steve Cole on Jun 4, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2015 by LIN SHAODUN

Hi All !

I've been trying to import a model of a DIN 41612 Male right angled connector from 3DContent -

Solidworks imports the drawing, but using Featureworks for recognition, it takes ages ! I've been waiting over nine hours for it to complete, and its still recognising drafts.

Surely there is something wrong ?

The other DIN41612 models have taken even longer and crashed my system everytime I try them. However ( fingers crossed !) this model is taking a while to complete, with no crashes as yet.


I need the model to finish a job, and am wondering if any of you kind chaps could help me with a conversion ?

My system is a 2007 Dell Studio laptop running SolidWorks 2014, and I fear that its low performance ( compared with today's systems ) is hindering me.

I only use this laptop for SolidWorks, as my main computer is a Mac, but no SW for that !!


Can any of you kind people help me please ?