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E_NOINTERFACE  -- eDrawingHostControl.AxEdrawingControl.AttachInterfaces()

Question asked by James Mikel on Jun 4, 2015

Client getting above error when trying to launch a batch printing windows application using eDrawingHostControl  runtime version v4.0.30319.  Version 1.0.5438.23720.   Runs succesfully on 64 bit machines that had SW 2008 and 2014 w/ eDrawings 2015.  But NOT on machine listed below.


OS - Windows 7 64

SW 2014 & 2015 installed (64).

eDrawings 2015 installed.


Does my client need to reinstall in a specific order?  Or is there a known conflict when 2014 & 2015 are installed?

Any help or point in the right direction is appreciated.