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Delete, Roll back and Archive

Question asked by Barry Newlands on Jun 28, 2007
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2007 by Barry Newlands
Hi I am hoping to hear back from someone who has perhaps tried what I am suggesting below

As administrator I have been thinking of allowing all users to be able to Delete\Rollback\Archive. Reason I want to do this is the rollback function currently only available to admin is required fairly often as users mistakenly checkin documents past the required rev level and then can't go backwards. They then have to get release the doc and admin has to roll it back to the required level.

As far as deleting goes I know there is the advantage of having all the deleted documents ending up in one "obsolete" folder but this can be easily worked around by doing a simple keyword serach for "obsolete" and then deleting them all in one hit. There may be some disadvantages to this I don't know of, but the one advantage would be less interuptions for the administrator and less hassle for the users. One extra feature to concider is that "archiving" by the users is enabled by turning this on. What are the cons of them being able to do this? We have our settings according to "best practice" in the setup guide but were hoping to make this improvement. Ideally if the software were rewritten so we could allow users to rollback only and not delete then we could carry on as is.