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What is the secret to getting a loft to intersect all the profile points and follow the guide curve(s)?

Question asked by Pam Johnson on Jun 3, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2015 by Pam Johnson

I have tried dozens of ideas and researched SWX help and Youtube and cannot find an answer to what seems to me should be relatively simple considering the complex geometry that can be modeled with Solidworks. 


Ideally, I would love to model this part as flat in sheet metal and then bend it around the radius, but the little bit of research I've done, it is perhaps over my head (with no SWX sheet metal experience) or maybe even not impossible. But even if this isn't possible, I need to somehow achieve an accurate representation of my part and assembly. 


I'm attaching an assembly which so far has 2 parts.  It seems far more complex than it should have to be, but I'd be okay with it if it produced the results I'm looking for, but no luck at all.  My profile is a constant thickness and width, but it needs to change elevation and curve, and while viewing normal to the top plane in the assembly, the profile should be completely vertical, so that I would see no hidden edges in that view and exactly 5/16" of the thickness is on either side of the Layout sketch in my plan view..


I started with attempting a swept feature, but that came up with the same result, and caused more problems for my end cuts.  Any hints or guidance would be greatly appreciated!