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Large Assembly Performance Discussion

Question asked by Don Van Zile Employee on Jun 3, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2021 by Matt Peneguy

I would like to start a discussion on performance with large
assemblies and potential workflows and/or work-arounds you may utilize to
better handle specific scenarios; different industries/processes may promote
different solutions. Some people think the sheer number of components
constitutes a large assembly, but this isn’t always the case (i.e. components
that are very complex and have hundreds of features can quickly add complexity
to a relatively small component count assembly too).


What tools/functionality do you currently use and why? What
are your specific pros and/or cons as it relates to your industry or process?
For example, do you utilize any of the following techniques:


Opening Components in Lightweight mode


Large Assembly mode

Large Design Review

Create Simplified Configurations of components
(Suppression/Removal of unnecessary features for top-level assembly)

Save Assemblies as Parts


Suspend Automatic Rebuilds

Display States

Feature Freeze

Flexible Subassemblies

Assembly Visualization tool

Detached Drawings


Other methods?


Quick Tips:

Utilize Subassemblies

Simplify geometry (Simplified Configuration where unnecessary features such as Fillets, Chamfers, Large Patterns, Threads, Extruded Text etc... are suppressed)

Minimize Flexible subassemblies, especially many nested as these mates all have to be solved at the top-level (Use only as needed and then make Rigid if able)


There are many different tools available and methods used
and reasons why to be sure, but I would like to hear what methods you use and
why or why not (pro/cons). Is there any preferred method you would like to be
able use but cannot because of a shortcoming or a process/workflow driven
reason? Any other method(s) you wish we supported but do not? Your most
frustrating workflows?  I really want to
try to keep this wide open as possible (it could even encompass drawing
creation of large assemblies) and look forward to having a proactive discussion;
I realize this is a source of frustration for many that wish was there was a
magic button.


Any and all feedback is welcome.