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What to buy..

Question asked by Chris Jefferies on Jun 2, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2015 by Kelvin Lamport

bet you haven't heard that before....    


I keep getting asked if I have solid works for a design tool so I'm investigating what it takes.  First impression, it seems expensive.


My needs:

  • design thing prototypes as big as 1 foot (usually 2-6") like electronic enclosures, little brackets to support PCBs, etc.
  • the output mainly needs to be .stl files or other formats for 3D printing and/or Laser cutting.
  • I do this 2-4 times a year.
  • I am an individual "advanced" hobbyist and I integrate inexpensive home automation components with open source software.


In the list of options I did not see any descriptions of solid works software optimized for 3D printing and appropriately priced for someone like me


Thanks for any advice,