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    Custom Material - Glass Filled Plastic

    Kris Jones

      Hi all,

      I am trying to do a simulation on a plastic part that is made from the following material

      Domamid - A1-005-V50-B

      It is 50% Glass Fiber Filled - See data at bottom of question


      Can someone help me create a material that resembles this accurately in SolidWorks please.

      Is all the information I need there in the data sheet? Are some of the headings just a different title for the same value?


      I need the following information for my simulation - Can anyone else get this info for this material?

      Elastic Modulus(N/mm^2)

      Poisson's Ratio

      Shear Modulus (N/mm^2)

      Mass Density (kg/m^3)

      Tensile Strength (N/mm^2)

      Compressive Strength (N/mm^2)

      Yield Strength (N/mm^2)


      With this information would the simulation accurately simulate glass filled plastic?

      Any help would be much appreciated

      Thanks in advance


      Rheological propertiesdry / condUnitTest Standard
      ISO Data
      Melt volume-flow rate, MVR22 / *cm³/10minISO 1133
      Temperature275 / *°CISO 1133
      Load5 / *kgISO 1133
      Molding shrinkage, parallel0.4 / *%ISO 294-4, 2577
      Molding shrinkage, normal1.1 / *%ISO 294-4, 2577


      Mechanical propertiesdry / condUnitTest Standard
      ISO Data
      Tensile Modulus17000 / 11100MPaISO 527-1/-2
      Yield stress215 / 145MPaISO 527-1/-2
      Stress at break220 / 145MPaISO 527-1/-2
      Strain at break2.5 / 4.4%ISO 527-1/-2
      Charpy impact strength (+23°C)100 / 100kJ/m²ISO 179/1eU
      Charpy notched impact strength (+23°C)14 / 25kJ/m²ISO 179/1eA
      Flexural modulus (23°C)13300 / 8250MPaISO 178



      Thermal propertiesdry / condUnitTest Standard
      ISO Data
      Melting temperature (10°C/min)221 / *°CISO 11357-1/-3



      Other propertiesdry / condUnitTest Standard
      ISO Data
      Humidity absorption1.7 / *%Sim. to ISO 62
      Density1560 / -kg/m³ISO 1183