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Toolbox unusefull

Question asked by Cat Lionus on Jun 27, 2007
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2007 by 1-YJ1IM
Hi,This is my first message for help.I have used SolidWorks withoutproblems until now but now I cannot use the Toolbox.I've triedseveral times from Tools->Add-Ins but after I had activated theoptions for Toolbox and Toolbox Browser when I restart the SW SP3.1I receive the message error: Toolbox is either not installed or notcurrently added in.I've tried also to reinstall the toolbox fromreinstalling SW SP3.1 but I receive the same message.Also I haveanother question. I've tried to add a new file location and now Ihave a new Content in Design Library with the next message : Unableto connect to SolidWorks Content, how I can rid of it.Any ideaswould be appreciated.Looking forward to hearing from you.