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    Would you like to work for an alternative energy company?

    Darin Judge

      Hello all,


      I am looking for a Mechanical Stamping Engineer that has around 5 years of experience working with FEA simulation, and specifically working with SolidWorks.  If you are interested, please feel free to email me at djudge@asgteam.com.  It has been very difficult to find this specialty, so any help would be greatly appreciated.  I have attached the job description if you are interested.  


      Thank you.



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          Andrei Popov

          This is the funniest job requirement I ever read!

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              Bill McEachern

              I took a look at their web site..........They are trying to put a different "spin" on placing a duct around a rotor to "capture more wind". A lot of these attempts happened in the '70's and '80's. People seem to forget that the air doesn't have to go through the turbine if it is easier to go around it. These guys at least make mention of the fact that even if you can get it to go through the turbine then you have a pressure recovery problem. Somehow they think and maybe they have some special sauce, that  by putting some sort of diffusor downstream of the rotor plane it will address it. Seems a bit weak though I would not put it beyond hope but its close... they should read Peter South's paper (Richard Mitchell and Eric Jacobs as well) that was put out by SERI back in the Dec '83- Strategies for the Evaluation of Advanced Wind Energy Concepts . It addresses both concentrators and diffusors and their evaluations. Typically you are better off just adding the material to the blade tips that you add to the devices. They also argue that smaller is better (100kW) even though those size machines have been around for decades and the trend by a lot of smart people is to larger machines. As California discovered small higher  speed rotors are far more annoying to look at compared to larger lower rotor speeds. The metric for developers is energy per unit of real estate - they only have so much of it. I doubt this will survive the scrutiny of the market place in other than niche applications. If you apply for the job be prepared that it may not last. They are also selling the investor side pretty hard - a sign of insecurity in most cases.

              Might be more sad than funny - not sure how stamping really helps this other than if they want to make the case that high volume can give them low cost but energy capture per unit real estate seems a challenge. CATIA might be a better CAD system that swx for sheet metal......

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                  Andrei Popov

                  I didn't had the curiosity since in the job requirement they say they need a stamping engineer which goes far away of my qualifications although I could simulate a plastic deformation in Solidworks, at least I could try. Otherwise I think they may have a point, I know from ducted fans that they have better efficiency than propellers so maybe they tried to apply the same principles to wind turbines. Anyway I believe the vertical axis wind turbines are better than the classical ones with horizontal axis but this is not based on anything it is just my feeling.

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                Mike Agan

                possibly move to general job postings?