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Auto-create reference using dispatch/template?

Question asked by Steven Soeder on Jun 2, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2019 by Cameron Brouwer

Trying to use dispatch to create a file when another file changes state, and I want to know if I can automatically create a file reference from the original.

Current workflow looks like this:

1) Anyone can create a change request.  Handled through a template. File name is a serial number.

2) Engineering reviews request and either approves or rejects. Handled by workflow transition, either "Approve request" or "Reject request".

3) If approved, an engineering change order is created for implementing the request.  This is what I'm trying to work out through dispatch


At step 3, I want a reference to be created on the new file for the old file.


1)  New change request is submitted.  Template creates new file.  e.g. DRR-001

2)  Engineering approves DRR-001 executing the workflow transition "Approve request"

**What I want:

3)  A new file will be created from a template.  File name is a serial number. e.g. ECO-001.  A reference is automatically created to DRR-001.