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Problem with ActiveX control and PMP handler

Question asked by Klaudiusz Skiba on Jun 1, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2015 by Klaudiusz Skiba


Is there a way to create event handler within pmp handler that work for activeX control which has a separate class.

Lets say for button one click or something like that.



I created custom control which I originally added to taskpane to separate it from add in I'm working on.

Control worked perfectly and was using swapp pointer I send to it to do some stuff with solidworks.

NO problems there.

Problems started when I moved this control to pmp.

Control works nicely within its own code,  but it is not doing anything with solidworks.

It looses pointer from solidworks.  Basically swapp is nothing.

I figured out that problem is within pmp handler which I believe is terrible for anything else than simple stuff.

Since control is on pmp, handler keeps the pointer even if last thing before using control is sending that pointer which is being received(all checked).


Any other ideas?


I learned programming myself so I'm most likely missing a lot. Any help is welcomed.