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    My PC froze during an exam

    Stephen Missah

      After revising for a few weeks, I finally decided to take my CSWA exam on Saturday. 15 mins in, my laptop freezes! The worst I've ever seen. I waited for half an hour before finally turning it off. I was so gutted! This was with the free token for the exam. Has this happened to anyone else? I'm looking to get another shot for free if they'll let me.

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          Deepak Gupta

          There could be several reasons for it. One of my friend has internet disconnected during the exam and he was not able to submit the answers. But there is good thing, the virtual tester creates a log file which you can send to the certification team if you feel you've completed enough questions to clear the exam. If not then good luck in getting another chance.

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            Matt Weiker



            I had a similar issue when taking the first part of the cswp exam and I lost everything. I contacted my reseller and they put me in touch with DS SolidWorks Certification. I explained what had happened and they reset everything and allowed me to retake it immediately. The people I worked with there have been awesome and dedicated to helping you to get certified. Contact your reseller, if you have one.