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    control view's projection depth

    Rolando Garza

      I'd like to show the details of only the near face on a view.

      How can I control the view's depth?


      In the image, is a simple example where i want to hide the hole in the front view.

      I do not want to click on each line in the view (the real drawing is a bit intense) and hide it - especially since the design is still in work.

      Also, I'm not allowed to create an assembly of this part just to create the view.


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          Jamil Snead

          I don't think you can control the depth of normal projected views, but you can for section views. So one thing you could do is create a section view from off the part so it is essentially a projected view, then set the section depth shot enough to exclude the opposite side. Then you can hide the section line and view label.


          Keep in mind though that this might confuse someone reading the print because they might think that the hole is not supposed to show if they look at the part from that end. Instead of trying to hide the features in the back I'd recommend using a section view from the middle facing outward to show the features on only one side. Then it will be clear to anyone reading the print which features are shown in the view.

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            John Kamin

            You can do what Jamil suggested and then right click on the section line and select "Hide Cutting Line".  You can do the same for the note (SECTION A-A).  Then, add a new note under the view as shown below.



            If you want to show the section line again (if you want to edit it, or for any other reason), you can right click on the section view (side view) and select "Show Cutting Line".