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QR codes to files and folders within EPDM vault?

Question asked by Donovan Hale on May 30, 2015
Latest reply on May 17, 2016 by Tim Webb

I am a Quality Control inspector and Reverse Engineer For MAN Blades Division. We manufacture turbine blades on a large scale for the power industry. Every batch of blades has a display file type work-pack accompanying them. I receive these blades during the various production stages, and I check dimensions from a printed out Solidworks drawing and a printed out excel check sheet within the work-pack.


I am trying to move towards a paperless inspection process. All the drawings and check sheets are within our EPDM vault under the various contract folders. I am scanning the completed check sheets and placing them back into the vault, which seems very unnecessary. I have already proved that all my measuring equipment (Height gauges, CMM, Laser scanners) can already insert the dimensions straight into my excel check sheets digitally.


I have a technifor laser marker with an integrated QR and Barcode generator, capable of marking QR codes onto the steel products, as well as a generic QR creator for putting QR's on the job card. I also have a QR/Barcode scanner for the computer I am using with my measuring equipment.


I would like to replace the work pack with a job card, containing a QR code. This way I can scan the job card and it will open the contract folder and I can begin inspecting the product.

Has anyone done something similar, or know how to create a QR code for a folder location within EPDM?


Thanking you in advance,

Donovan, South Africa