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    Selecting exposed faces

    Kevin Spradley
      All, I have two plates of material A and material B.  Plate 1is larger (longer and wider) than plate 2.  Plate 2 ispositioned on top of plate 1 such that only a portion of plate 1 isvisible.  I need to apply a load/restraint (heat fluxincident) to the exposed area of plate 1.  Currently when Iselect that area, the whole face is selected which is not a truemodel of the real world.  The flux incident will only hit theexposed faces and the covered area will be heated by conduction. I have not attached the model, but I have attached a ppt fileillustrating what I am trying to do.

      thank you,
        • Selecting exposed faces
          David Arthur
          You can apply a Split Line feature to split the face of plate 1 into exposed area and unexposed area. Then you can apply the heat flux just to the exposed portion of the plate. Split line feature is on curves menu.
            • Selecting exposed faces
              James Huber
              split a cylindrical face?

              I need to apply a load only to a portion of the inside of a cylindrical body. I have tried to use the Insert>Curve>SplitLine method but I can only get it to work on a planar surface (I drew a circle of equal radius on a reference plane). I get the message that it does not intersect the face--I think its projecting along the axis.

              Can anyone help? how do you split the inside face of a solid body cylinder?