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Is my Student Edition disk scratched, I get past Entitled, etc but then 1/2 way through I get errors/failures.

Question asked by Per Thompson on May 30, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2015 by Per Thompson

Disk DOES have a couple minor marks that I couldn't remove with rubbing alcohol and cloth.     Maybe I'll try the old plastic headlight cover defogger abrasive cleaner if all else fails.


Is there some downloadable application that can scan ANY CD/DVD and tell whether it has ANY data loss from scratches (and maybe what was just before and just after the damage, although on a SW install disk that will probably be all unreadable low level code)


Should I go back to the Brick and Mortar vendor and exchange for new disk?   What would they need to do that?


I'm trying to install on a brand new Toshiba laptop, Win 8.   Does seem like the CD player was "active" and really looking for something shortly before errors, but it works fine on other disks.


Is there any SW online resource that would "fill in the blanks" on missing data, since my "Entitled" and 1/2 the install worked fine?






Not always the same errors, but was last sequence.....started at about 40+% complete......



Data Error Cyclic redundancy check


  1. Then.....


Internal error: The Windows Installer for this product component did not run as expected: ResolveSource.

Contact Technical Support.

When contacting Technical Support about installation issues, you will need to provide the installation log files available in this directory. Use the button below to save your logs as a zip file for sending to your support representative.

  1. Then.......



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