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How can I get the toolbox to insert a beam section with a centerline?

Question asked by Nicholas Rossetti on May 29, 2015
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I am using the SolidWorks ToolBox to insert beam sections into a part file then extruding the beam section to which ever length I want.  My problem is that I constantly have to move the section sketch to the origin and center it so that my planes are in a location that makes sense with the beam center line.  Since most structural member designs are based on beam center lines I'm a little confused as to why a center line is not incorporated into the toolbox section sketch. 


Is there a way to change where SolidWorks places the sketch?  I tried selecting the origin prior to placing the sketch, but it did not affect where the sketch landed.

Can I modify the toolbox beam sections to incorporate a center line?  I am willing to do this to my entire toolbox if needed.


Any ideas?


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