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    How To Combine Foreshortened Dimensions

    Nathaniel Averett

      I have a part that has multiple radii/diameters that are concentric with one another. However, each of them are too large to properly display on the page without foreshortening the dimension leaders. I have already foreshortened them, but is there some way to merge all the foreshortened center marks for each dimension  to show that they are concentric radii/diameters?

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          Shaodun Lin

          Hi: Nathaniel 



          Please vote for these Enhancement request.


          SPR 515255: Add ability for free ends of foreshortened radius dimension to concentric circles to be coincident.

          SPR 614178: Constraint the location of the origin of a foreshortened radius dimension ( lock down control centermark ,center mark jog, diameter point, centerpoint )


          Customer Portal --> My Support--> Enhancement Requests-->Search " Foreshortened Dimensions "

          Fill up the form as follow:



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          Shaodun Lin

          Technical Account Manager - APAC