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Smart Fasteners w/slotted holes over drill holes possible?

Question asked by Matthew Hoffman on May 29, 2015
Latest reply on May 29, 2015 by Kevin Chandler

I'm not sure how to upload my example. I'll have to figure it out how if needed. Anyway, I am trying to model an angle clip attached to an I-Beam and C Channel. The clip has a slotted hole created using Hole Wizard and the I-Beam and C Channel has another hole created using Hole Wizard as well. The holes need to overlap each other. My problem here is if I use Smart Fasteners two issues can occur. 1. If I choose the slotted hole on top, the back side with the nut doesn't recognize the channel and shows the nut going through the C Channel or I-Beam. 2. If I choose the hole in the C-Channel or I-Beam, the back end matches fine however the head of the bolt is shown going through the slot inside of the clip. Hole In C Channel.PNGSmart Fastener Using C Channel Hole




Slotted Angle Clip.PNG

Smart Fastener using Angle Clip Slotted Hole