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Custom properties of document at solidworks explorer

Question asked by Heru Tyas Sumantri on May 29, 2015

Hi Solidworks user,


I have a problem with custom properties of document which has already in PDM Vault.I use Solidworks explorer to see revision of document from initial "checked in" document to the latest "checked in" document. I also use custom text properties for date and description for revision instead of automatic revision table. The problem is.....when I checked in the latest revision, text properties of all previous revision were  became similar with the latest one, so I have lost the history of the document. It is only the properties, drawings and measurements are still follow the revision order. I had check the document by "checked out" the previous revision to see the properties...and its oke. nothing changed, still following the previous revision properties. So Im thinking that the problem only appear at Solidworks Explorer. Did any one here had the same problem? Did Solidworks Explorer have Issue for this kind of matter?


thanks in advance