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Design Checker Dictionary

Question asked by John Wayman on May 28, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2018 by Derek Eldridge

I am just starting to look at Design Checker and have run into the first problem:
If I run Spell Check on my drawing in Solidworks, it finds no errors, because I have added a couple of words that it didn't like out of the box to the default dictionary.

If I run spell check in Design Checker, it finds the same errors that I have prevented in the Solidworks dictionary.

I therefore surmise that Design Checker uses a different dictionary to that used by SW main program.

How do I make the two dictionaries the same?

I can accomplsih this two ways:

I can tell Design Checker to select the same dictionary file as SW uses


I can edit the dictionary file that Design Checker to have the same weird words added in as does the dictionary file that SW uses


The difficulty with either of these options is that I have no idea where Design Checker is looking for its dictionary, or how to tell it to look somewhere different.


Any suggestions?


SW2014 SP5