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Curve thru XYZ issue

Question asked by Owen Long on May 27, 2015
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First time post and
fairly new solidworks user so please don’t take for granted that I might know

Running solidworks 2014.

I’m trying (without success)to insert a curve thru XYZ points and place the curve on a model so I
can extrude cut it into the face of a part.

When inserting the curve and trying to bring it into a sketch on the plane I want it at, I open a
new sketch and select “”convert entities” but I get an error that say’s “one or
more the selected entities could not be projected into the sketch plane”.

What might be wrong?

Without having the curve in a sketch I can’t extrude it.

I’m I doing it wrong?

I DO NOT want to have to manually input the xyz location for 3000 points.


Any and all help
would be very much appreciated.