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    Curve thru XYZ issue

    Owen Long



      First time post and
      fairly new solidworks user so please don’t take for granted that I might know

      Running solidworks 2014.

      I’m trying (without success)to insert a curve thru XYZ points and place the curve on a model so I
      can extrude cut it into the face of a part.

      When inserting the curve and trying to bring it into a sketch on the plane I want it at, I open a
      new sketch and select “”convert entities” but I get an error that say’s “one or
      more the selected entities could not be projected into the sketch plane”.

      What might be wrong?

      Without having the curve in a sketch I can’t extrude it.

      I’m I doing it wrong?

      I DO NOT want to have to manually input the xyz location for 3000 points.


      Any and all help
      would be very much appreciated.

        • Re: Curve thru XYZ issue
          Alan Thomason

          Hi There....I have done similar things in 2014, just with fewer points.  So, for instance camshaft lobe surface profiles or aerodynamic profiles.  The steps I follow sound similar to what you were trying to do..

               Create XYZ curve.

               Create a sketch on the same plane

               Convert the sketch.


          The datapoints in my work are far less numerous (like 360), but I think the more likely problem is the following difference.  I enter zeros in whichever axis is not part of the plane that I eventually create the sketch on (typically for me all Z =0).  I often then create a block from the sketch so that I can place the cross section on whatever plane is required.


          If you are wanting to create an extrusion, I think they will need to be on the same plane.  There are smarter SolidWorks users out there who should feel free to correct me here.



          The error message that you received sounds like it could be that not all of your points are on the same preexisting plane. 


          If all of your points are on the same plane, but just not aligned with one of the pre-existing planes, I would try creating a plane using three of the points in your data set.  As I write this I am a bit worried that you will suffer from very small discrepancies in the position of the points (is it zero or 1e-11 for instance).  If that is the case, I think you will have to find a way to rotate all of the three dimensional data so that all of one axis is as close to zero as possible and then force it to zero.  This is possible using matrix manipulations, and not an easy road to do once.


          Best of luck!  For any other forum readers, please don't let my response dissuade you from commenting on this discussion.