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BUG? - 2014 Save As Advance - rename some references

Question asked by Tony Bravetti on May 27, 2015

Here is a problem i see that is repeatable:


I import a mutibody parasolid or STEP as an assembly. The assembly and parts are saved. At a later time, I want to rename all the part files but keep the original assembly name. I go into SAVE AS Advanced and i add a prefix to all the parts except the assembly name i leave alone. Click save. Click on REFRESH and all the parts and assembly are properly named as intended. Looks like a success!  However, i go to open any of the newly named parts from the assembly tree and it cannot locate file. Worst yet, if i save and close the assembly and reopen it, it cannot find the newly named parts and i am left with having to locate the old part files with the old names manually and start over. With large assemblies of hundreds of parts, this is tremendously annoying.


The work around is to rename the assembly along with the parts at the same time and then rename the assembly again once all the parts are properly named or use Pack N Go. This is very annoying. The SAVE As function is quite powerful, but seems unreliable at times. Especially when trying to rename some parts but not all in the Save As Advanced Find / Replace. This function is hit or miss as to whether it will fulfill the intended renaming function. IT works great when renaming everything uniformly. But this is not desired all the time.


Anyone else notice such behavior?