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    Hex hole centermark

    Rolando Garza

      I've got a plate with a hex punch in it.

      I used the polygon tool to sketch the hex in the part.


      I would like to place a CL on the hex punch on the drawing on the plate.

      How can this be done?


      The usual Center Mark command does not work for this shape.

      I also tried selecting one of the edges and selecting Midpoint - but that, as expected, only gave me the midpoint of the line ...not the hex punch.


      Also, I need the CL to be associative to the punch in case i need to move the feature in the part.

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          Ingvar Magnusson

          You could make two center lines, by selecting two edges at a time.



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            Mike Helsinger

            If you create your hexagon through the polygon tool you will include a construction circle automatically.  You can also create this construction circle independent of the polygon, and make it a construction feature.

            Then in your drawing, Show the sketch with the circle feature in it.


            You can now center mark your construction circle, and then hide your sketch again to remove the circle from view.  The center mark will remain.

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                Rolando Garza

                Thank you.

                That works.


                But my initial thought was "ooooo...yucky."

                I don't want to have to show/hide the sketch for every hex punch i need to do this to.

                I was hoping there was a setting where i could hover over the hex and it would 'ghost' in the circle for me to select.

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                    Mike Helsinger

                    You can center mark a circle created in the drawing, eliminating the show/hide steps.  (choosing the 3 point makes sense to grab the polygon here)


                    To your thought, no sadly there isn't a tool for mark the center of your polygon that's more direct than one of these methods.  SW sometimes becomes more cumbersome than we might like it to be but I suppose that's a necessary trade off for the control it gives us to present what we need the way we need it.