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Crashing when exiting an imported model

Question asked by Terry Kasuboski on May 27, 2015
Latest reply on May 27, 2015 by LIN SHAODUN

I have a new problem now. I have been importing either using iges, sat, stl.  On all three of these, I do a save as and the part number that it is going to be. I then close out of the new that I just problem. Then I go to close out of the imported file form mentioned early and my Solidworks crashes every time and I send the crash report to Solidworks.

I currently have my IT department stuck on this one and it is getting old, especially since I am currently working on a hot project and I don't have the time to be restarting Solidworks every 5 to 10 minute due to a crash when closing these imported files.

I have tried all three of these and they all end with the same results.


Oh, I have Solidworks 2015 SP3.0


HELP please