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    How do I attach a note to a sub-assembly, not it's component?

    Bill Schmid

      I'd like to add leader notes to a drawing that identify sub-assemblies in an assembly.  Rather than type the part number and description in each note, I'd like it to pull that from custom properties in the sub-assemblies.  If I could set this up right, it would be faster and less error-prone.


      But, SolidWorks won't link to properties of a sub-assembly.  The Link to Property dialog box allows me to link to:

      - Current document

      - Model in view to which the annotation is attached

      - Model in view specified in sheet properties

      - Component to which the annotation is attached


      Can I make SolidWorks (2013, in this case) ignore the components of a sub-assembly, or make it only go 1 level deep, or configure the sub-assembly so its components are ignored wherever it's used?


      Adding to the frustration, I had done this in Inventor which lets you identify assemblies as phantom or purchased so you can control what gets linked to or looked at in a drawing.