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    SW won't let me edit explode line sketch

    Tim Treybal

      Until today... I've never had trouble editing explode sketch lines.  Now when I try, the line reverts back and I get a message that says "This drag created invalid geometry.  The pre-drag state will be restored."  Also, I select a line end point and a part face and select "on plane" and nothing happens although the mate is there.


      What is stopping my edits?





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          Erik Bilello


          I occasionally see that kind of behavior in explode line sketches.  Unfortunately it is not possible to break them up into multiple small sketches (as far as I know anyway) so they can get pretty complex and have way more relations than I would want in a "normal" sketch.

          WIthout looking at your sketch it's hard to guess what the exact problem is, but in my experience I would be making sure everything was backed up, and then plan on restarting SW, if it hasn't done it for you already (i.e. crashed). 

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            Jamil Snead

            One thing I'd suggest is to show all relations and delete any that are green (broken). Also sometimes when creating an exploded line SW will put in a tiny jog that you don't even realize is there. If you drag the sketch to eliminate that jog then I believe you would get the error that you described. I would just right click on the problematic line and select chain, then delete it and create the line again.

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                Tim Treybal

                That would be ideal if SW showed the problematic line causing the issue.  Viewing sketch relations showed no errors even though SW said there were. I searched through every sketch line and end point until I finally found an end point that was suppose to be concentric on a hex nut face and wasn't.  This little issue caused the whole explode sketch to be uneditable.  I was very upset.