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SW 2015 Crash on Deselect

Question asked by Mason Morton on May 26, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2016 by Mason Morton

I'm suffering from frequent hanging/crashing/freezing in SW 2015. It happens when editing a part - I click in the viewport to deselect a feature or item in the tree that is selected (either I manually had selected it, or the feature was just created, etc.). The program just freezes and doesn't actually crash and close itself, so no repot is generated. It gets that error..."would you like to wait for the program to respond or close it" thing. It never recuperates (left for over an hour once...still frozen). Anyone else seeing this? This is happening about once or twice an hour and I'm losing a lot of work over it!


Windows 7, 64 bit

SW 2015 SP 2.1

Quadro K600, Driver Ver 347.52



Just in case there's a correlation, my Windows Explorer freezes often. A lot of times, when I come back to my computer after being gone a while (overnight, after lunch, etc.), Explorer is frozen and needs to be killed and restarted. This computer is pretty new (February or so).